Eastern District Association of Primitive Baptists
Association Constitution

1. This Association shall be called "The Eastern District Association of Primitive Baptists."

2. The Association shall be composed of members chosen by the different churches in our union, and producing letters from their respective churches shall be entitled to seats.

3. In the letters from the different churches shall be expressed the number in fellowship and gains and losses since the last Association.

4. The members chosen and convened shall have no power to lord it over God's heritage, neither any clerical power over churches, nor shall they infringe upon the material rights of any church in the union.

5. The Association, when convened, shall be governed by a regular and proper decorum.

6. The Association shall have a moderator, clerk and treasurer, who shall be chosen by the suffrage of the members present.

7. New churches may be admitted into the union by letter and delegates; and if found orthodox and orderly, shall be admitted into the Association and manifested by the moderator giving each the right hand of fellowship.

8. Each church shall be entitled to one and not more than four representatives in the Association.

9. Each query presented by any church to the Association, being first debated in their own church, shall be taken up by the Association.

10. Each motion and second shall come under the consideration of the Association, except it be withdrawn by the member who made it.

11. The Association shall furnish the churches with Minutes of the Association.

12. We think it necessary to have an Association fund for defraying expenses, for the raising and supporting of which it shall be the duty of each church in the union to contribute such sums as they may deem proper and send it by the hands of their delegates to the Association.

13. There shall be an Association book kept wherein the proceedings of the Association shall be recorded by the clerk, who shall have a compensation for his trouble.

14. The Minutes of the Association shall be read and corrected, if need be, and signed by the moderator and clerk before the Association rises.

15. Amendments to this form of government may be made at any time by a majority of the union, if they deem it necessary.

16. The Association shall have power to provide; first, for a general union of the churches; second, to preserve inviolable a chain of communion among the churches; third, to give the churches all necessary advice in matters of church difficulty.

17. The Association shall have power to inquire into the cause why churches fail to represent themselves at any time in the Association.

18. The Association shall have power to appropriate the money contributed by the churches to any purpose it may think proper.

19. The Association shall have power to appoint any member or members to transact any business it may deem necessary.

20. The Association shall have power to withdraw from any church that violates the rules of the Association or deviates from the principles of orthodox religion.

21. The Association shall have power to admit any orderly minister of our order to a seat in the Association.

22. The Association shall have power to adjourn to meet at any future time or place it may deem proper.

23. Each church shall endeavor to have its letter and delegates present on the first day of the Association. Any church not represented at that time shall report to the committee on letters giving their reason for delay.